Qreate offers strategic design consultancy to help you find the innovation space within your product, system or organization.


With our team of creative engineers, we develop smart solutions throughout the complete innovation cycle.


We develop smart, modular and user friendly platforms and apps for both internal use or promotion.


Running production for the first time is a challenging job. We get you ready to ship using lean production methods.

Finding the innovation space

—  Problem analysis

By investigating and asking the right questions, we locate the space for innovation inside any product, system or organization.

Co-create and iterate

—   Concept development

Our clients know best their product, organization and clients. In co-creation, we leverage their knowledge to generate potential solutions, pilot them and develop them into concrete concepts for innovation. Throughout the process, we'll create a strong feedback loop in which our client actively engages in the design process.

Software development

—   Smart, modular and user friendly

Our UX designers and software engineers know how to make a case. From patient data platform to Augmented Reality adventure game.

Lean production

—   Industrialization and manufacturing

Lean manufacturing is the perfect method for producing a smaller series of products, while not compromising on quality or looks. Our team of electronic engineers and industrial designers make the innovation ready to ship, both in smaller and larger volumes.


One stop shop

Qreate is a full-service development collective, manufacturing facility and implementation strategist. We leverage the unique qualities of each partner to stay agile and on top of market developments. Together we strive for the best solution for your unique projects. Curious about what we can do for you? Ask our innovator!


Concept development

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